“Our vision is to support social, economic and environmental well being by inspiring a diverse culture to promote and spread happiness through gratitude, creativity, health, and education, in accordance with the “United Nations’ International Day of Happiness.”-Happy Fun Fest.

About Us

Happy Fun Fest is a local project, intended to envelope the global idea of happiness by beginning on a smaller, local scale, and includes various exciting activities including a striking hat parade and happiness walk. Every journey begins with a single step, and Happy Fun Fest seeks to inspire action and fulfillment.

Happy Fun Fest is an exciting opportunity for local communities to come together in a fun, colorful, and festive atmosphere to improve community health, education and cultural diversity with a series of planned events throughout the year.

Happy Fun Fest is:

  • about community
  • family oriented
  • social
  • colorful
  • about celebrating cultural diversity
  • about a healthier, happier community

Think you have what it takes to increase local and global happiness?

Happy Fun Fest is for you if:

  • You are looking to get involved in a new, fun and exciting project
  • You would like to improve your community in health, fulfillment and education
  • You want to promote your own awesome community
  • You are looking to connect with others
  • You believe happiness should be shared
  • You like fun, colors and silly hats

Happy Fun Fest is for EVERYONE. It is for YOU.

About Happy Fun Fest



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